We will be glad to have you collaborate with us

Our Services

Whether you know about Islam or are intersted in knowing about Islam you are invited to engage with us and the services we have to offer.

  • Invited lectures about Islamic topics
  • World religion class assistance
  • Inmate spiritual counselling
  • Family reconciliation
  • One-to-one personal counselling from an Islamic perspective
  • Open houses

We also offer Free

  • English copies of the translation of the meaning of the Holy Quran English
  • Various iterature to introduce you to Islam

Open Friday Prayer & Sermon Invitation - Jumu'ah Khutbah

Weekly Friday sermon (Khutbah) begins at 1:45pm and service ends 2:20pm

When daylight savings time ends November 6th, 2016 sermon begins at 12:45 and service ends 1:20pm.

Note: We kindly ask visitors to be aware of the Islamic etiquette when attending the mosque. This includes no talking during the Friday sermon as well as proper code of dress, most notably avoiding shorts and short skirts.

Our Community Partners

Stratford is an amazing community and has been very supportive of the Stratford Mosque. We would like to thanks all our partners and supports including:

  • Avon Mennonite Church
  • Stratford Prison
  • United Church of Stratford
  • Stratford Council of Churches
  • Perth-Huron Multicultural Center
  • Stratford Library
  • Stratford Perth Community Foundation
  • Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance

Support Our Mosque

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