Hospital Clergy Clinic

The Mosque has a community Clergy clinic at Perth Huron Health Alliance hospitals, an alliance of the four general hospitals of Stratford, St. Marys, Seaforth and Clinton. The Mosque provides spiritual guidance and Quranic healing for any hospitalized Muslim patients, along with non-Muslims patients who show an interest to know the Islamic prospective on whatever mental, physiological, or physical problems they have. The clinic also serves those who is facing death at the hospital so they have peaceful transition from this world to the hereafter, and give support to their families.

You may refer any family/friend who is in such need to book an appointment at the nearest Alliance hospital to him/her.

Jail Chaplaincy

The Mosque also provides chaplaincy to inmates of Stratford jail where we provide support to the Muslim inmates during their rough times and also provide an educational sessions for all inmates from time to time to help them spend beneficial times during their stay. May Allah be with all those who are suffering and help them reflect on their lives for better improving it.

Community Chaplaincy

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Our Partners

Stratford is an amazing community and has been very supportive of the Stratford Mosque. We would like to thanks all our partners and supports including:

  • Avon Mennonite Church
  • Stratford Prison
  • United Church of Stratford
  • Stratford Council of Churches
  • Perth-Huron Multicultural Center
  • Stratford Library
  • Stratford Perth Community Foundation
  • Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance


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